FaceMe® AI 얼굴 인식 엔진 | CyberLink
FaceMe® 전 세계 최고의 크로스 플랫폼 AI 얼굴 인식 엔진
  • FaceMe® Health Intro Video
    FaceMe® Health is an integrated solution for mask detection, authentication and temperature measurement.
  • FaceMe® Security Intro Video | CyberLink
    Designed for smart surveillance, FaceMe® Security is a value-added software that runs on workstations, servers and VMS (video management systems).
  • CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition | Smart Banking
    FaceMe® AI Facial Recognition Engine supports multiple methods of anti-spoofing technology.
  • CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition| Smart Office
    Developing facial recognition based on door security access systems makes it possible to track employees and visitors in smart offices.
  • CyberLink FaceMe® Facial Recognition | Smart Retail
    Detect gender, age, and emotions to understand customer demographics for precision marketing.

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